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Bread, Bread, BREAD!

February 11, 2010

French Baguettes, Pain a l'Ancienne, Epi Baguette

I’m hosting a wine night this evening, but possibly more important than the wine is the bread to accompany it.

After my bread’s success at the last wine night, I decided I needed to up the quantity.  I also figured why not up the variety as well?  So after much prepping, kneading and baking here we are.  I made Pain a l’Ancienne (an old favourite), French Baguettes (a new addition), and an Epi Baguette out of Pain de Campagne (I love the shape!). 

Fourteen scruptious loaves of bread and about five dozen breadsticks.  Yes, FOURTEEN loaves of bread! I think I went a bit overboard with this project, but it was fun… I used approximately 7 lbs of flour.  I started making pre-ferments on Tuesday, maked breadsticks and made the Pain a l’Ancienne dough on Wednesday, and then started working on the final doughs and the baking at 8:30 AM today (Thursday).  By 11pm tonight it will probably be all gone (and I’ll be exhausted)…

…maybe I have greedy friends, but I like to think they just have good taste and this bread is GOOD!

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