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Olives – Curing and Brining

October 19, 2009

Water Cured Olives in Finishing Brine

The olives are well underway.  I decided to water-cure one batch and brine-cure the other.  The water-cure is definitely further along than the brine-cured batch, so I’ll go ahead and focus on those for this post.

I started by sorting the olives and slitting the keepers from end to end before submerging them in cool water.  I then weighted them down with a plate to be sure that they stayed under water.  Soon, the olives began to discolor around the cut marks, and while this wasn’t unexpected, they certainly didn’t look at all appetizing.  I must admit I was rather worried about them.  Nonetheless, I continued to drain the water from them daily, replacing it with a fresh batch of clean, cool water before replacing the plate and sealing them off again.

A week later, and this soaking period was over.  It was time for the finishing brine.  I made the brine out of a combo of water, salt, vinegar and various seasonings for flavor.  I decided to dose them with lemon, thyme and garlic.  I’ll let you know whether that flavor combo worked.  I completely winged this, so my fingers are crossed.  You can see a picture of them in their briny bath.  Now I need to source some jars to put them away in.  I think they should be ready to eat in another 2-4 weeks.  The brine-cured olives are another story… but that’s for another day!

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