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To Join a CSA or Not?

March 3, 2009

I have often thought about joining a CSA.*  Right out of college I was living alone, so it didn’t make sense to get a whole box of veggies each week when I was primarily only feeding myself. I mean, I like vegetables, but even I can’t eat that many in a week!

Now the question of joining a CSA has come up again.  I am no longer living alone, but I am living with a vegetable skeptic.  He’s convinced that if it’s green, it couldn’t possibly taste good.  He is slowly learning to eat green things (and other veggies), but the process has been slow and I’m still not convinced that he’d help me eat the entire box each week despite his improved attitude towards vegetables.

In searching for a suitable CSA program, I came across one that offered subscription on a monthly (instead of yearly or seasonal) basis.  I can even order a box for only every other week.  Thus, it is the perfect way to find out whether being part of a CSA would work with my lifestyle without having to make too big of a commitment.  However, the next problem is this; I love going to the farmers’ market and perusing the stalls to find the freshest most beautiful produce.  If I get a CSA box of fruits and veggies, will I be forced to give up my marketing?  That would be a shame.  During the summer I look forward to waking up early (okay, I don’t exactly look forward to the waking up early part, but I like getting to the farmers’ market early so that I don’t have to compete with the herds of people that arrive later in the morning) and moseying down to our local farmers market ready to take in the fresh smells and beautiful colors of the fresh produce.  Maybe one of our neighbors would be interested in sharing a box?  

I’m still pondering this, but I think that I might at least give it a try for a month.  Do you receive a CSA box?  If so, what has your experience been with it?

*Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides a way for the public to buy a weekly box of fresh produce directly from the farm. These are usually run on a subscription basis for a monthly, yearly or seasonal up-front subscription.

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  1. March 16, 2009 8:29 am

    My wife (Jenny) used to subscribe to these folks for our veggies:

    We’ve since stopped because we started going to the farmers market in Campbell where the fruit and veggies seemed to be a little juicier/better.

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