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February 20, 2009

vanilla beansI’ve started the blog to start a record of my cooking adventures.  Rather than spending a lot of space describing my background (which is neither here nor there), I will leap right into my first food experiment.

I have read a number of blogs discussing the merits of vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extract, so I have finally made the leap and ordered my first 30+ pods from  I plan to start with the basics — vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.  After that, we’ll see where inspiration takes me.  They should arrive in a week or so, and then it will be another couple months before the results of the vanilla extract are in.  I haven’t decided for sure whose blog to use as a basis for my extract, but both Clotilde’s blog  and Tamami’s blog offer good instructions.  I will probably go with a combination of the two since I want a smaller batch more like Clotilde’s but plan to follow the sterilization process outlined in Tamami’s instructions (I will also use vodka — not rum).

Here’s to my first vanilla beans!

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